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Are you in search of Kent commercial real estate properties for your next business location? Hoff & Leigh is a full service commercial real estate brokerage firm with over 350 listings nationwide, offering expertise, insight, and high-quality commercial properties in Kent. Our listings include retail, industrial, land, medical, office, and warehouse spaces fit for a diversity of business needs.

Kent, Ohio, offers a young, diverse market rife with economic incentives and opportunity. With proximity to major metropolitan markets and distribution hubs, Kent provides a prime location with rich community culture. The region has long signaled steady market indicators of growth, economic diversification, and increased consumer spending activity.

At Hoff & Leigh, we are well-versed in the City of Kent’s ins and outs, as we are in many markets across the nation. Since 1987, we have dedicated ourselves to helping our customers surpass their business goals by providing top-notch commercial real estate insight and services. When it comes to commercial property in Kent, there’s no exception. We consider the full set of expectations, needs, and goals of each customer and their unique business to ensure the property can handle business operations and provide a foundation for continuity and expansion.

Kent Commercial Real Estate For Sale & Lease

As the largest city in Portage County, Kent counts a constituency of 29 646. It is measured within the Akron Metropolitan Statistical Area due to its proximity to the market. Akron’s commercial hub also happens to be the 12th largest in the nation, considerably driving business activity. Oriented along the Cuyahoga river, multiple railroad lines, and Ohio and Pennsylvania canal, the region has attracted entrepreneurs throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. In recent years, local leadership in Kent allocated significant resources and planning into economic development.

The largest economic sector is education, with the presence of Kent State University. As a result, much of the local infrastructure responds to the demands of college students. Many parks and preserves are in the area, and many events and festivals are hosted throughout the year. Robinson Memorial Hospital takes up a large slice of Kent’s economic and workforce activity, followed by food service, entertainment, and arts businesses.

The City of Kent offers Community Reinvestment Area and Enterprise Zone tax incentive programs. The Enterprise Zone Program allows businesses to receive tax exemptions on business investments, such as machinery and equipment, property, improvements, or inventory. The Community Reinvestment Areas are parts of Kent in which businesses are eligible for real estate property tax abatements on increased real estate value due to improvements or renovations.

Why Hoff & Leigh

Kent’s downtown is in a position for long-term market growth. With an education focus and increasing numbers of tech companies, Kent’s market sectors are starting to diversify—a welcome change that the city continues to encourage. For your future business or as an additional location, Kent is an attractive option. Hoff & Leigh is equipped to provide expertise and insight on Kent’s commercial property market. With a team of brokers, investment specialists, and brokers, we have the resources to streamline your search and make your business idea a concrete reality.

Here at Hoff & Leigh, we know how to help you leverage your budget and make a well-reasoned commercial property decision when considering options for rent or for sale. Our trusted track record has helped business owners small and large redraw the boundaries of commercial success—and the same can be done for you. Contact Hoff & Leigh today to learn more about what Kent can do for your business or ask any commercial real estate questions; our team is on stand-by and ready to assist.