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Our Process

Hoff & Leigh has developed a unique real estate marketing process used to solve building owner’s listing, leasing and selling problems. Impact Marketing is designed to increase building owner’s occupancy, reduce property management costs and increase property’s value. Hoff & Leigh has successfully implemented Impact Marketing for building owners in cities across America and we are confident we can do so for you.

The process begins when a property owner signs a listing agreement. Once signed, Hoff & Leigh’s marketing team create marketing collateral used to implement the Impact Marketing process.

Award Winning Presentation
  • Immediate delivery of appropriate signage to the site including a highly visible 4×4 wood AVAILABLE sign
  • Design of a beautiful, feature rich digital marketing flyer including photos, map and detailed property information
  • Creation of a proprietary Annual Property Operating Data (APOD) spreadsheet including important property information and Net Operating Income Statement
Unparalleled Digital Visibility
  • Creation of a dedicated property web page competitively optimized for major search engines like Google and Bing
  • Rapid syndication of your listing across all major Commercial Real Estate websites, Social Media and our expansive list of partners nationwide
  • Accelerated visibility through a customized marketing campaign including print, electronic and billboard media
Direct Network Connections
  • Local and national alerts to the expansive Hoff Leigh Broker Network including specially selected brokers and property owners that have an interest in your property type
  • Targeted local canvassing including calls, direct mail and personal visits with high-value prospects identified by our proprietary network database
  • Professional showings from Hoff & Leigh brokers extensively trained in qualification and salesmanship

Professional Commercial Real Estate Services

Hoff & Leigh has been providing professional commercial real estate services since 1987 and has received numerous awards for performance and integrity in multiple markets. Based on our nearly 30 years’ experience, we know that property owners want accurate market information, proactive marketing and regular Broker communication.

Impact Marketing is designed to meet those expectations.
Hoff & Leigh’s past and continued success is propelled by our commitment to our core values: family, loyalty, entrepreneurship, courage, communication and stewardship, which stress fair & honest business dealings and long-term, relationship-based, business practices and our ability to close sales!

Our Network is Your Edge

Hoff & Leigh brokers work collaboratively to maximize the efforts to list, lease and sell properties.

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