Want to Sell Your Commercial Property at the Right Price? Work with Hoff & Leigh.

Selling your commercial property shouldn’t be complicated. At Hoff & Leigh, we have the tools and regional expertise to get your building sold at the right price without delays. Our selling process is all about getting a detailed analysis of your property’s value and cash flow, marketing your building with the right strategies, and keeping you informed every step of the way.


Get an in-depth analysis of your property’s value in the current market.

Unless you know what your building is worth, it’s hard to start looking for the right buyer. That’s why we start our selling process by preparing an APOD Management Analysis for your property. APODs, or Annual Property Operating Data reports, are one of the most valuable tools in the industry for getting clear estimates about a property’s cash flow and rate of return over the course of a year. We will use this performance snapshot and calculations about the area’s future growth to calculate the best selling price for your property. No matter what industry your commercial property is built for, knowing precisely how valuable it is an important starting point.


We Create Custom Sales Strategies to Match Your Property With the Highest-Paying Buyers

Properties don’t sell themselves, even in a seller’s market. Our team has the experience and regional knowledge to find buyers that will offer the best price in the shortest window of time. Based on your property’s APOD Management Analysis, the demographics and competition in the area, and the best use of your building, Hoff & Leigh will construct the best marketing plan to get your property featured on the market. Our IMPACT Marketing™ approach focuses on:

  • Narrowing down the scope of ideal tenants or buyers for your property
  • Reaching this target market through their preferred news-gathering platforms, such as real estate search engines and listing sites, professional social media channels, and traditional advertising
  • Boosting your property’s visibility in the real estate market to drive interest and buyer competition quickly
  • Representing your financial interests and preferred timeline in negotiations with serious prospects

Hoff & Leigh’s IMPACT Marketing™ approach to getting your property seen is a proprietary strategy that makes use of our thirty years of commercial real estate experience. We know where and how to find the buyers who will pay the right price your property. We can also get the deal closed quickly so you aren’t left holding on to an empty building.

Seller Representation is Our Primary Focus

Our goal is to solve the seller’s problem, whether it’s selling at the highest price, the quickest timeline or anything else. Our representatives know the value of a data-driven approach to getting your property in front of purchasers and buyers’ brokerages. We use proven property valuation methods, analysis tools, and economic projections to highlight the unique advantages your property has in any market.

Communication with you, the seller, is a key part of that representation. We’ll work with you to create reasonable selling goals, keep you updated about market movement and prospective buyers, and answer any questions you have throughout the process. Whether you have one commercial property or you have several investments, we know your schedule is busy. We make ourselves available and offer complete transparency so you don’t feel left out of important decisions.

Use Our Network to Your Advantage

We have spent the last thirty years growing from a small brokerage to a multi-state firm with experts in the Colorado and Ohio commercial real estate markets. Our network of buyers includes a database of real estate investors, prospective leads, and cooperating brokerages. These relationships lead to quick matches between buyers and properties. Instead of reaching out to a general audience and filtering out the noise, we can leverage our contacts to get your property sold according to your timeline constraints and property valuation.

If you’re ready to sell your building, use a brokerage who will keep you informed and get you the right price for your property. Call us today.

Our Network is Your Edge

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