Why Commercial Property Owners Should Use Hoff & Leigh

Owning commercial property is a big responsibility that offers even greater rewards. It allows business owners to own their own space, have more freedom with what to do with the space, and not have to worry about leases, landlords, or conditions. Commercial property ownership also allows for investors to increase their income when sitting on a valuable property. But owning commercial property doesn’t come without its challenges as well. And one of those challenges can be selling your property. That is where Hoff & Leigh can help.


What Does a Real Estate Broker Do?

Working with a commercial real estate broker is like knowing everything you wish you knew about the market, potential buyers, and the most you could get from your property without having to do any of the grueling research to know it. At Hoff & Leigh our brokers live and work in your communities and know all of these important factors that you don’t. We build our business based on relationships with local businesses. We know the local hotspots and we know who is looking to move in and out.

These are all things a commercial property owner might not be aware of that may present a challenge when selling. Knowing the ever-changing market and having the resources and know-how to advertise your property to a local and national audience are the main advantages of working with a broker.

Also, using a real estate broker provides you with seller representation—the legal obligation for the broker to have your best financial interests in mind when looking for a deal for you. We aren’t just going to settle on the first offer that comes along. We will find you the best offer based on what we know about the market. And at Hoff & Leigh, we use our proprietary IMPACT Marketing™ strategy to get your property in front of the most eyes to find you the best buyer out there.


When Should a Commercial Property Owner Use a Broker?

When it is time to sell your commercial property, it’s time to contact a commercial real estate broker and let them help you find the best offer for your space. At Hoff & Leigh we help in the following situations:

  • Someone selling their property to move their business to bigger or smaller space/different location
  • Selling a property when a business closes
  • Selling new development
  • Helping investors sell investment properties to get the most for their investment
  • Helping individuals sell a commercial property they inherited

Anytime a commercial property owner is considering selling their space, a broker can help them determine the local market, price the property accordingly, and bring in potential buyers.

The Hoff & Leigh Difference

Hoff & Leigh has the core values of family, loyalty, entrepreneurship, courage, communication, and stewardship. Once you engage with us, we consider you a part of our family and we will honor our commitment to our customers by getting commercial property owners the best deal when selling their property.

We understand commercial real estate sales is all about connections and we strive to make as many personal connections we can in the markets we are in. Our network allows us to bring owners the best deal when selling their space and also helps business owners find a new space to be in if that is what they are looking for.

Not to mention, we love to support local businesses. We know we have done our jobs well when we see local businesses thriving. At Hoff & Leigh, we aren’t just concerned with getting the big clients. We started as a small business and while our success has allowed us to grow and reach a number of markets, we still value working with other small businesses and helping them buy and sell commercial real estate.

Our Network is Your Edge

Hoff & Leigh brokers work collaboratively to maximize the efforts to list, lease and sell properties.

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