Denver Commercial Real Estate Property Owners

Why Property Owners in Denver Should Use Hoff & Leigh

Whether you’re a business owner or commercial property investor, eventually you will face the challenge of selling your commercial property. You might even think you have the skills and experience to handle the sale yourself, but are you willing to run the risk of leaving money on the table if you try?

At Hoff & Leigh, we have more than 30 years of experience in commercial property sales and leave no stone unturned in ensuring Denver commercial property owners get the best deal when they decide to sell their property.

How Can a Real Estate Broker Help Me?

We begin the process with our clients by performing our Annual Property Operating Data report, which helps establish the most accurate analysis of your property’s value. After establishing the current value, we factor in the potential future growth in your region of Denver to establish the best asking price.

As a property owner, you probably have made what you believe to be an educated guess about the value of your property, but our agents fully understand each neighborhood in Denver and are aware of any upcoming issues surrounding zoning, development, deconstruction or more that affects the value of Denver commercial real estate.

When you start the negotiating process with an accurate market value for your property, you avoid the two biggest pitfalls in selling a commercial property: a price that’s too high that turns off the best potential buyers or a price that too low that costs you potentially thousands of dollars on your investment.

How Do We Ensure You Get the Best Deal?

Hoff & Leigh has developed our own trademarked Impact Marketing process that helps boost the value of your property from the day you sign on with us. Impact Marketing is designed to increase your building’s occupancy and reduce property management costs, thereby increasing the property’s value.

In addition to developing your APOD report, our professional marketing team will put together a beautiful, feature-rich marketing flyer including photos, map and detailed property description and deliver appropriate signage to your site.

For some properties, we will also put together an expansive digital package, including a dedicated webpage optimized for search engines, syndicate your listing across all the major commercial real estate websites, plus on our social media and through our nationwide network of partners. We’ll also develop a customized marketing campaign featuring print, electronic, broadcast and billboard marketing.

Maybe even more importantly, we’ll access our network of brokers, real estate investors and business owners who are interested in your type of commercial real estate.

How Quickly Can I Sell My Property?

The Denver commercial real estate market is hot, and Hoff & Leigh is poised to move quickly in selling your property. Since establishing the Denver office in 2017, Partner Brandon Langiewicz has led a team that averages less than 30 days from listing to closing date, making it one of the top performing commercial real estate firms in Denver.

While we cannot guarantee a sale that quickly as many factors go into getting the best deal, including ensuring the property is properly prepared to sell, our team is built to move as rapidly as possible.

Hoff & Leigh is also committed to work with the full gamut of commercial property owners, from a small business owner seeking to retire or to scale up to investors to large-scale enterprises. Our core values are built around family, loyalty, entrepreneurship, courage, communication, and stewardship. We consider each new client a member of our family and believe each Denver commercial real estate owner deserves our best service.

We are also committed to the community and know that the success of each business in Denver and along the Front Range adds to the success of the entire region.