Colorado Springs Commercial Real Estate Sales

Why Commercial Property Sellers In Colorado Springs Should Use Hoff & Leigh

Selling commercial property in Colorado Springs can be challenging. There are decisions that have to be made from the very beginning to determine how much the property should sell for as well as how it is going to be presented. This is not something that you as a commercial property seller should have to go through on your own.

Explore Property Value

When you establish the value of your property, it makes it easier for you to get more for your property. It also ensures you’re able to find the right buyer. If you price too high, it will make it difficult for you to find a buyer. If you price too low, you are cheating yourself out of profits.

Hoff & Leigh provides Colorado Springs commercial real estate sellers with an in-depth analysis of the property value in today’s market. This will make it easier to establish a selling price for your property.

An Annual Property Operating Data (APOD) report is one of the most critical documents for you to have when getting ready to sell commercial property. It identifies such things as:

  • Cash flow of property,
  • Rate of return over the year, and
  • Potential for rent growth.

By providing potential buyers with an APOD, they get the performance snapshot to learn what the potential is with the property so that they don’t have to guess.

Overcome Market Issues

Selling commercial real estate in Colorado Springs can be challenging, especially when it comes to location. There are quite a few pockets of Colorado Springs that may be priced higher or lower simply because of their proximity to a particular road or building. For example, if it is located on one side of I-25 versus another, the cost difference can be considerable.

Another issue is functionality. A lot of commercial real estate is dated and functionally obsolete. As a result, a lot of money may need to be invested in order to make it functional again.

It’s important to look at how long the property will sit on the market. If it has been on the market for over 30 days, it might be time to review the reasons why especially if there has been little to no interest in the property. At Hoff & Leigh, we take the time to create custom sales strategies to match the property with high-paying buyers. There are several ways that we achieve this:

  • Get the property showing ready
  • Identify ideal tenants
  • Use various news-gathering platforms
  • Boost visibility
  • Represent financial interests and timelines when negotiating with prospects

After all, if a property is not visible, it cannot sell. Our complete transparency ensures that your property is a top concern while keeping you involved with all of the important decisions. Sellers have steps that they must go through in order to sell successfully. We know what they are and can expedite the process in order to achieve the individual deadlines.

Addressing Market Trends

It’s critical to stay on top of the various real estate trends as they occur throughout Colorado Springs. This includes the hottest neighborhoods as well as the most popular venues that buyers are exploring. The reason for this is to know how the property being sold will play into the trends. It all comes back to how our commercial real estate strategists will find the ideal tenants for your building.

Being a real estate seller is hard enough. As you prepare the property to be sold, it’s important to work with a real estate company that specializes in commercial real estate. We are prepared to answer the questions about your property that come from potential real estate buyers. We can address zoning questions, potential market issues, and more so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Contact us at Hoff & Leigh today to obtain commercial property representation.