Colorado Springs Commercial Real Estate Property Owners

Hoff & Leigh Is the Premier Source for Colorado Springs Property Owners

For Colorado Springs commercial real estate representation, Hoff & Leigh is the leading source for savvy sellers and buyers. Our business began thirty years ago in a one-room office and has grown steadily to a multi-state brokerage firm. We offer an average of 350 listings nationwide and sell hundreds of properties each year — more buildings in our markets than any other national or local firm.

We start our process by preparing an exact analysis of your property’s value through our Annual Property Operating Data reports. This is one of the most accurate tools to estimate your property’s cash flow and the annual rate of return. After pinpointing today’s worth and factoring in calculations about the area’s future growth, we will recommend the best selling price. This is the most reliable starting figure for your real estate negotiations. Guesswork and ballpark estimates make a property more difficult to sell or set the stage for settling for less than the property is worth.

Our team of experienced, dedicated professionals will contact buyers who will make the best offer in the shortest amount of time. We close deals quickly because we know where and how to find the buyers who will pay the right price your property. We keep you informed every step of the way.

One key to our success is our individualized IMPACT Marketing approach. We developed our proprietary IMPACT Marketing system based on decades of experience. It takes into account the local competition and demographics. We close deals quickly because we know how to locate and approach buyers who will make a desirable offer.

Our IMPACT Marketing achieves the following for you:

  • Identifies ideal tenants or buyers for your commercial property;
  • Targets this market through real estate search engines, social media, and all other forms of advertising including print, on-air, and electronic;
  • Increases your property’s visibility in the real estate market;
  • Negotiates with serious prospects with a keen dedication to your desired price and timeline;
  • Represents your financial interests and preferred timeline in negotiations with serious prospects.

Local knowledge is key to the sale and purchase of your commercial property. An up-and-coming neighborhood may have invisible flaws that will impact growth and desirability. Little known factors such as town planning efforts, new regulations, ebbing and flowing trends, and planned construction and deconstruction all impact the value of your property. Our agents have intimate knowledge of subtle elements that can influence property values.

Hoff & Leigh’s Colorado Springs team of eleven brokers and specialists have a clear sense of purpose. Founder Tim Leigh told the Motley Fool, “our primary focus is not the technology…that everybody has. It’s our relationships and the development of a culture of success, which includes, in our case, emphasis on family and loyalty and entrepreneurship.”

Networking is as important in the commercial real estate business as it is in other businesses. We have personal relationships with and a database of prospects, investors, and brokerages. This knowledge and our connections and leverage lead to timely, satisfying sales. No time or effort is wasted on reaching a general, disinterested demographic. Our efforts on your behalf are professionally targeted.

We are involved with the community. One of the efforts we are quite proud of is our assistance to Colorado Springs’ All Breed Rescue & Training. We helped them find larger quarters for rescue dogs and training and provided many modifications so more dogs can be rescued and adopted.

Colorado Springs Commercial property owners have been well served by Hoff & Leigh for thirty years. We continue to increase our knowledge and improve our methods so that every customer smiles when sealing the deal with a handshake and signing on the dotted lines.