Colorado Springs Commercial Real Estate Buyers

Growing Businesses Choose Hoff & Leigh for Commercial Real Estate Purchases

If you are searching for the perfect space for your growing business then you know the task isn’t easy. Since 2016, vacancy rates in Colorado Springs have been in steady decline. While this is excellent news for the Colorado Springs economy as a whole, it does make setting up or expanding a business a bit difficult. Buying commercial space is a reasonable option in this tight rental market. At Hoff & Leigh, our experienced staff of over twenty-five real estate professionals can help guide you through the commercial buying process. Here a few ways our agents can help you close on your desired property.

Market Knowledge

Buying commercial real estate in Colorado Springs requires an understanding of the city’s past as well as knowledge of the region’s growth patterns, demographic shifts and environmental concerns. For instance, in 2013 and again in 2015, Manitou Springs, a municipality south of Colorado Springs, underwent severe flooding. Only regional brokers have first-hand knowledge of the impact this kind of damage has on local populations and infrastructure. They have seen first-hand the repercussions of flooding and the impact of business migration on the Colorado Springs commercial buildings for sale in terms of availability and pricing.


Our brokers also have experience assisting businesses wishing to relocate to Colorado Springs. They have assisted Colorado Springs commercial real estate buyers with property inspections, disclosures and contingencies. This type of experience is essential if you are looking for an efficient buying process for various types of commercial space for sale.

Brokers expedite closings by navigating inspection schedules, determining how your business needs align with regulations and reviewing disclosures. These steps can take an excruciatingly long time if your broker doesn’t have experience with real estate buying best practices.

Cost Efficiency

Experienced brokers save their clients money before a purchase is even made. In this sense, Hoff & Leigh proves to be cost effective for buyers in the long run. When buyers have not conducted the proper inspections, reviewed disclosures or planned for contingencies they end up paying out of pocket after they have made their purchase.

The property you choose to buy should be one that is free of damage and is regulation compliant. You and your agent should develop strong contingency plans and work with sellers to ensure that your purchase is right for your business’ future growth. If these factors are not in place or even considered, you will find yourself paying fees and struggling with expensive renovations.

Long-term Relationships

As described above, buying commercial real estate requires thoughtful planning and a thorough understanding of your business’ property needs. When these steps are not taken, buyers face numerous hidden costs after their purchase. Local real estate brokerages like Hoff & Leigh build long-term relationships with their clients. As a result, our clients typically do not face hidden post-purchase costs. With an eye on long-term relationships and client satisfaction, we strive to anticipate our clients’ needs and our real estate professionals choose actions that support local businesses for the long term.


Businesses may grow and change but the need for commercial space never truly diminishes. You are most likely choosing to purchase commercial real estate because your business is growing. Even if you aren’t certain what the future may hold for your business, entrepreneurs with an eye on scalability make wise investments when they choose to purchase real estate. Hoff & Leigh’s brokers have a firm understanding of investment properties and will provide you with the information and the market expertise you need to make wise investment decisions.

Hoff & Leigh has served clients and businesses in the Colorado Springs region for more than three decades. We have grown alongside our experienced clients, and we will continue to thrive alongside our new clients.