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The Optimum Company For Real Estate Brokers: Why All Real Estate Brokers Should Use Hoff & Leigh

About Hoff & Leigh

Hoff & Leigh was founded in 1987 by Bob Hoff & Tim Leigh, specializing in cities with a population of 250,000 to 1.5 million. Currently owned and operated by R.D. and Holly Trinidad, we are proud to have affiliates throughout the country.

We can help you get started with your own CRE firm. Hoff & Leigh is looking for hard-working individuals who have the brand of courage and conviction that it takes to succeed, all while building an enterprise with legacy potential for the future.

Hoff & Leigh takes pride in the fact that we service over 350 listings nationwide and complete hundreds of transactions annually. Having grown from a one-room office to a multi-state brokerage firm, we understand the challenges that come along with being a real estate broker. We have outstanding broker and client communication, and we are leaders in market knowledge.

Why Partner With Hoff & Leigh?

Our “IMPACT Marketing™” approach is what makes us different from the rest. This marketing system is designed to increase a building owner’s occupancy, reduce property management costs, and increase a property’s value. With available properties in Colorado Springs declining in recent years, we put forth great effort to find buyers and tenants for every listing. We take extreme care in delivering the best customer service to each client we meet. IMPACT Marketing is an aggressive system that markets properties to buyers that have a need for them. The system effectively utilizes marketing channels such as social media sites Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as commercial real estate search engines. We also do traditional advertising, taking care to target appropriate buyers. With the IMPACT Marketing system, every client receives the following:

  • Appropriate signage immediately delivered to the site,
  • The design of a digital marketing flyer including photos, a map, and detailed property information,
  • A spreadsheet including important property information and Net Operating Income Statement,
  • A property web page optimized for major search engines,
  • Syndication of the listing across all major Commercial Real Estate websites, Social Media and our expansive list of partners nationwide,
  • Visibility through a traditional marketing campaign,
  • Alerts to the Hoff & Leigh Broker Network,
  • Local Canvassing,
  • Professional Showings, and much more!

When brokerage offices partner with Hoff & Leigh, there is tremendous value in the “Backend Enterprise” that is provided for a firm. This includes:

  • Marketing,
  • Administration,
  • A live phone receptionist,
  • Activity Tracking, and
  • Performance Tracking and Reporting.

Hoff & Leigh wants to continue providing all our clients with excellent customer service through our commercial real estate teams. We understand what it takes to succeed in the world of Real Estate Brokerage. We also understand that there are difficulties. It may be hard to take risks and make decisions. When you pursue a career with Hoff & Leigh, we guide you through these difficulties with our company’s core values: Family, Loyalty, Entrepreneurship, Courage, Communication, and Stewardship. We at Hoff & Leigh are passionate about lifelong learning. Amazing support is provided to all teams. We are looking for a select number of highly-motivated individuals who dream of owning and operating their own commercial real estate brokerage business.

Every real estate client has expectations, and at Hoff & Leigh, we are dedicated to exceeding those expectations. Every real estate broker who uses Hoff & Leigh will enjoy continued success with the premier real estate company in Colorado Springs. We are proud to have a different, proactive approach to the real estate industry, and our success speaks for itself. With teams that live and thoroughly know the markets that they serve, we are providing the best service from the beginning of every transaction to the end and beyond.

With over 30 years of commercial real estate experience, we at Hoff & Leigh are dedicated to providing the best possible opportunities to help real estate brokers succeed in a competitive and unpredictable industry. Once you engage Hoff & Leigh’s services, you become part of our family.