Tallmadge Commercial Real Estate

Are you looking for Tallmadge commercial real estate & land for sale? Hoff & Leigh has a variety of listings in the region. We can help you expand or start your business in the right location, from office and retail locations to industrial and medical spaces. Though our primary office is located in Colorado Springs, our offices in Northeast Ohio and Denver allow us to serve Tallmadge and surrounding regions, which offer plenty of business opportunities in emerging markets.

Commercial real estate is what we are passionate about at Hoff & Leigh, a multi-state brokerage firm counting over 350 nationwide listings, including several options in Tallmadge: industrial and retail space, investment property and offices, land, and medical office spaces.

But, why should Tallmadge be on your radar when considering relocating, expanding, or starting your own business? Tallmadge has an existing cohort of hundreds of companies ranging in size, contributing to the growth of the market, job growth, employment rates, and attracting new competitive talent to bolster the workforce. The City of Talmadge and surrounding regions offer a robust network of market accessibility and room for growth for the right businesses. Let’s take a closer look at the business value of opening your business in the area.

Tallmadge Commercial Real Estate For Sale & Lease

More than 500 businesses call Tallmadge home. From large international corporations to family businesses, the region’s competitive advantage continues to attract business owners and retain current employers. Nestled in Summit and Portage counties in Ohio, this suburb of Akron has a population of 17,582.

The workforce in Tallmadge is comprised of a diverse composition of skilled and educated professionals in a variety of industries, including rubber and plastic manufacturing, food processing, trucking, metal fabrication, and mold making. Companies within the City of Tallmadge offer a wide array of goods, including electrical components, airplane parts, lift gates, wheels, dis, molds, insulation, industrial machinery, wood products, dental products, and polymers.

The city is focused on maintaining job growth, which is currently generated by about 80% of existing businesses. There are opportunities for new business owners and existing businesses looking to expand to consider Tallmadge as their location. Tallmadge’s Chamber of Commerce is an active organization that is dedicated to seeing new and existing businesses grow. If you’re considering a relocation, they can help your goods and services enter local, state, national, and international markets. Major surrounding markets include the Chicago region, edging out into New England and reaching New York, allowing for the easy distribution of goods.

Why Hoff & Leigh

Here at Hoff & Leigh, our passion lies in helping your businesses flourish. With over 40 real estate professionals in tow, our team has a combination of varied skillsets within the commercial real estate property industry that work together to find your ideal space. With investment specialists, brokers, and agent associates, Hoff & Leigh offers complete services to help you make the best choice for your investment.

If you’re looking for a commercial space in Tallmadge, we’re here to help. Since our founding in 1987, Hoff & Leigh is your go-to commercial real estate firm with our trusted track record of excellence in the field to help make a market-minded decision. If you are interested in what the City of Tallmadge has to offer, take a look at our listings today.

Please contact Hoff & Leigh for any questions or inquiries about our commercial real estate properties and services. With decades of experience, we are more than equipped to streamline your search and help you tap into lucrative business opportunities by entering the right market.