Akron Commercial Real Estate

Hoff & Leigh is a full service commercial real estate brokerage firm with over 350 listings nationwide, offering expertise, insight, and properties in Akron. Our listings include retail, industrial, land, medical, office, and warehouse spaces that can accommodate diverse operational needs. Akron is a lucrative market that can help your business reach new heights through expansion. However, it is also a great place to start planting your roots and open a new business, with a robust infrastructure that facilitates commerce and puts millions of consumers in your reach.

Here at Hoff & Leigh, we are dedicated to helping our customers acquire commercial property that allows their business to flourish. Since 1987, our team has grown out of a single-room office space into a multi-firm brokerage with over 40 real estate professionals. We are quite familiar with Akron’s commercial market and are happy to help you navigate it. The region offers a plethora of business opportunities unparalleled by most other locations. Let’s take a closer look at what Akron has to offer and how Hoff & Leigh can help.

Akron Commercial Real Estate For Sale & Lease

One of the five largest metropolitan areas in North East Ohio, Akron is ranked the 12th largest market in the United States. A popular mid-sized city for business investment, over twenty Fortune 500 companies have investments and branches in Akron. The city is also the place FirstEnergy calls home, the second-largest energy company in the United States headquartered in Akron.

Not only do American entrepreneurs flock to Akron, but European investors also have their sights set on the region, ranked 14th among top U.S. cities for E.U. corporate expansion. The reason for this interest lies in the comprehensive business infrastructure of Akron. With a vast network of distribution and supply chain clusters and access to three foreign trade zones, businesses have an enormous scope of economic and commercial activity surrounding them. In turn, this creates a continuum of opportunity and economic growth.

Akron lies within a 500-mile radius of over half of the U.S. population. It has easy access to an overnight rail and truck service to transports goods to major metro areas, such as Chicago, Toronto, Washington D.C., and New York. With two international airports and three class-1 railroads, commerce is built throughout Akron’s entire infrastructural landscape.

Akron also boasts a strong workforce. With three hospitals and a medical university that has garnered national recognition, medical professionals flock to the area, and STEM-minded students follow suit. The University of Akron is also considered one of the top engineering and polymer science colleges, graduating classes of skilled young people who are eager to join the workforce.

Why Hoff & Leigh

Akron is an extraordinary location for entrepreneurs and expanding businesses. With a record of abundance when it comes to growth, your business can tap into this well-connected market. If you’re interested in making a market-minded pivot towards Akron, Hoff & Leigh can help you pinpoint your best commercial property options that are conveniently located and offer the space to accommodate your operational needs.

Our track record of success puts Hoff & Leigh in the unique position to advise you on Akron’s commercial property and help you make a strategically sound decision. With a team of dedicated investment specialists, brokers, and agents, we have the full capacity to streamline your search and narrow the gap between your idea and materializing it. Please contact Hoff & Leigh with any questions about our commercial real estate properties and services in Akron; we’re happy to help.