Why Commercial Real Estate Buyers Choose Hoff & Leigh

A commercial real estate purchase is an investment opportunity, both in terms of your business’ growth and in terms of the property itself. Like any investment decision, real estate purchases are best made alongside the guidance of an experienced brokerage firm. With thirty years of experience, combined with a professional staff replete with up-to-the-minute market knowledge, Hoff & Leigh is capable of providing you and your business with the information you need to make a wise investment decision and buy the commercial real estate you have been looking for. Hoff & Leigh will communicate all of the essential information to clients throughout the buying process.


The Commercial Real Estate Process

Due diligence makes its way throughout the entire real estate process. Without due diligence, a buyer can make misinformed decisions which result in negative financial repercussions. Choose a knowledgeable commercial real estate broker, one who has the time and the communication skills necessary to explain the steps and guide you through important decisions and detailed paperwork that comes when you buy commercial property.

Real estate professionals from Hoff & Leigh assist throughout the buying cycle. They understand which details require close attention. They navigate inspections, assess the necessary permits, review disclosures and assist with contingency plans. Clients are kept informed throughout every stage of the process and their concerns are addressed promptly. The entire real estate buying process can take several months, but Hoff & Leigh will guide you through the maze of required inspections, saving you time that inexperienced brokers or self-buyers might otherwise need.


Buyer Representation

Your broker is going to represent you throughout the real estate process. Such a relationship requires excellent communication. Your broker needs to know your business goals, the ins-and-outs of your industry, your requirements, limitations and various other contingencies. For the past 30 years, Hoff & Leigh has honed its communication skills and passed this knowledge on to their staff of real estate brokers. With over twenty-five employees, the firm’s brokers and real estate professionals have the time to thoroughly consult with their clients, who can then move forward with informed representation and buy commercial property that will best fit their needs.

When meeting with your broker, be prepared to discuss your business’ growth plans, your clients’ location preferences, your employees’ needs, any regulatory concerns and requirements as well as your business financials. Once your broker understands your real estate needs, they can apply their market knowledge and identify the right properties for your business.

Market Knowledge

Market knowledge can be overlooked, but market knowledge is the driving force behind property acquisition. Brokers with market knowledge are able to determine which location is suited for a business in your industry and which buildings are a good choice for an expanding business. In addition to these factors, experienced brokers have knowledge of a building’s history, an understanding of any possible wear or neglect, and an appreciation for the fluid nature of different neighborhoods and districts.

For instance, an area that is seen as up-and-coming might actually have a history of poor infrastructure that will eventually limit its growth potential. Other areas might have environmental concerns or other complications that need to be addressed after purchase. An experienced broker keeps clients aware of these issues and schedules appropriate inspections and contingencies.

Hoff & Leigh brokers negotiate deals on various commercial properties from warehouses to industrial properties to office buildings and land, apartment complexes and retail storefronts. Brokers represent buyers looking for properties within the mid-six-figure to multi-million dollar range, with prices per square foot varying greatly, depending on property type and location. We specialize in the Colorado Springs and Northeast Ohio commercial real estate markets.

Hoff & Leigh understands that purchasing a property, whether for business, investment or residential, is a serious decision that can be extremely rewarding. Clients have shown their appreciation for Hoff & Leigh’s dedication in the form of testimonials as well as real estate award nominations. With over 300 listings and annual transactions that numbers into the hundreds, Hoff & Leigh is a competitive real estate firm that provides superior representation for buyers.

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